A brief History of New York pizza

15 Feb

A brief History of New York pizza

If you ask about the origination of pizza and how it came about, you will receive varying answers depending on where you look for them and whom you ask. Although it is important to know its history, we want to focus on the infamous New York pizza. New York City’s first documented pizzeria was opened in 1905 by Gennaro Lombardi and his store clerk Tottono Pero. Although pizza could be found in Italian American homes all over New York City as well being sold by street vendors, Lombardi was the first to decide to sell it out of his store. Lombardi and Tottono split ways and in 1924 Tottono decided to open his own pizzeria in Brooklyn; both are which still open to this day and kept in the family. Since its start, New York pizza has been the most iconic of foods to come out of New York city, and debates about where to get the best slice is often over heard. Like Lombardi’s New York Pizza and Pasta has a legacy of great New York pizza.  Come in and try our New York style pizza, where you will fall in love with first bite and feel like you have been transported to the streets of New York City!

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